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Columbia’s Premier Luxury Boarding & Grooming Facility

Columbia Pet Kennel

Hours of Operation

Monday — Friday:7AM — 6PM

Saturday:8AM — 2PM

Sunday:4PM — 6PM
(Pick–Up Only)

At Kennel Care, Inc. we offer luxury at an affordable price. We know that your pets are part of the family, so we make them part of our family while they’re here—whether they come for a day or spend a whole vacation with us.

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   Your Pet Deserves a Vacation With Us!

Our 16,000 sq. foot indoor boarding space includes Luxury Suites, exceptional accommodations designed by world-renowned manufacturer T-Kennel (No chain-link fence here!!!), in 4 sizes:

4x6, 4x8, 4x12, or 4x16, and Canine Condos for small pets that are crate trained.

Our canine guests are independently walked 3 times daily in our outdoor exercise area and cats have access to a variety of trees and toys in the luxurious cattery.

Facility Features

  • Medically Knowledgeable Staff
  • Super Premium Food - Proudly serving Eagle Pack Natural
  • Treats and TLC throughout their vacation
  • Raised Beds for All of Our Guests
  • Air Exchange System to Maintain a Clean & Healthy Environment for Your Pet
  • Automatic Backup Generator in Case of Power Loss
  • Superior Accommodations with a Covered and Flushing Drain System

Add-On Options for Dogs

  • One-on-One Playtime
  • Pool Time (in our wading pools)
  • Frisbee & Ball Toss



VIP Program – Every 20th Day (Cumulative) is FREE!. Click here for details

Kitty Condos – $20 per day

Canine Accommodations

  • Canine Condos (For very small, crate-trained dogs) – $26 per day
  • Large 4’x 6’ – $28 per day
  • Extra Large 4’x 8’ – $30 per day
  • Luxury Suite 8’x 8’ (Satellite TV, Garden Apt) – $52 per day

Add an additional family member to the same accommodation

  • Dogs – $22 per day
  • Cats – $12 per day

Add–On Services – Choose: Ball toss, pool-time, one-on-one play with a caregiver -

                             $7.25 (per 15 Minute Session)