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The Dangers of Tinsel, Chocolate, and Turkey Bones for Pets This Holiday Season

Wondering what common dangerous items pets could ingest during the holidays? The holiday season is a time for joy, but it’s also filled with many dangers your precious animal need to avoid. In this article, you’ll learn about the dangers of tinsel, chocolate, and turkey bones for pets this holiday season.



Many decorations hung around the holiday season seem harmless, but many of them actually present some danger to pets. Tinsel and ribbon are such decorations that look fun and friendly but can cause a lot of damage to pets in certain scenarios!

Don’t let their sparkly and pretty appearance fool you; ingesting tinsel can send your pet to the vet when you least expect it. Pets love playing with hanging objects, and tinsel is an easy target for them to chomp on. Swallowing tinsel is very dangerous because it has a tendency to tangle up inside your pet’s stomach and cause serious health complications.


Every pet owner knows that chocolate is toxic for pets, but it may surprise you how common chocolate is in many common holiday foods. The chances are that you have plenty of chocolate this holiday season, whether it’s from gifts or from yourself to celebrate the festivities. Your pet may get tempted by all the delicious treats around them and start eating your chocolate. As such, you want to keep all your chocolate secured and don’t feed them any holiday desserts this season.


Turkey Bones

After your holiday feast, it’s quite likely you have an abundance of turkey bones, depending on the occasion. You may wonder what you should do with these bones, and your pet may come to mind because of their love for bones, as portrayed in films and television.

Feeding your pet turkey bones may seem like a harmless, even beneficial, thing to do. In reality, it can be very dangerous. Turkey bones are a choking hazard for pets. They also splinter and break easily when chewed on by a pet, which can lead to internal bleeding and blockages in the digestive tract. This is why they are not safe for pets to eat.


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